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Binary Option Robot Trading For Beginners

Beginner Step 1

The very first step in starting with Option Robot is to create an account. Signing up is easy, but you will have to choose one of the compatible brokers, and you will create an account with them. The a lot brokers that are compatible at this time.

Beginner Step 2

You now want to go into the settings menu in the top right of your screen. This is where you will set how the robot trades on your account. You can set the amount of each trade. The assets you are willing to allow the robot to trade. The method of trade (I would recommend the Classic method for beginners). And, you can choose which indicators the robot will use.

Beginner Step 3

As a beginner, it makes no sense risking your money until you get adapted to the system. Option Robot has a demo account where you can choose your settings, allow the Robot to trade, and check the outcome.

By doing this, you can experiment with various settings until you discover the best settings for you.

Practice with the demo account until you feel comfortable

Binary Option Robot Demo Account

How Using A Demo Account Can Benefit You

The first thing you need to know is: the demo account is the exact same system in regards to signals and the settings. This will allow the trader to test the various settings to find what works best for them. Using your Option Robot demo account, you can test the indicators that are available. You can use any one or more of the indicators available. Option Robot allows traders to choose from 6 various indicators.   At the same time, you can test the various trading methods the Option Robot uses.

Use your demo account to test the most secure, Classic system; the most profitable Martingale system; and the most accurate Fibonacci system.

Once you have a feel for what is working best, you can easily switch over to “real money”. and let the Robot make trades in the settings you decided work best.

When The Markets Are ClosedSome traders want to still practice even when the markets are closed. The Option Robot demo account allows this, because we simulate a market feed during those days and hours.When the markets open back up, the demo system automatically reverts to a live market feed.

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