Trudon: Bursary / Scholarship Programme 2018

Closing Date: 31 August 2017


  • Students must already have passed their first year of study at University
  • Students must be at specified accredited South African universities (no bursaries for the 2018 academic year will be awarded to students for studies at a university of technology or college)
  • Students must be a South African citizen
  • Student must have a valid ID book or card
  • Student must meet the standard for entry in your chosen field at the institute
  • Student must provide complete academic records
  • Candidates must provide proof of need for financial aid
    • Trudon is committed to the principles of Employment Equity – bursaries will be awarded to deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Who can apply?

    Second or third year undergraduates studying in the following fields:

    • Engineering Industrial – BSc / BEng
    • Computer Engineering– BEng / BSc
    • Engineering Electronic – BEng / BSc
    • Computer Science
    • Informatics
    • Informatics Technology
      • Information Science
      • BIS Multimedia
      • Graphic Design
      • Publishing

      Applicants must have taken Maths (not Maths Literacy) in their matric year and achieved a minimum of a level 6.

      Applicants must also be able to show that they have made good academic progress during their First and Second year of their tertiary education while studying towards obtaining a degree.

      Applicants must have passed all courses for which they have registered while at university. Majors and

      overall average minimum 60%

      Trudon does not award bursaries towards post-graduate studies.

      What does the bursary cover?

      • Registration and Tuition fees
      • Book Allowance
      • Residence fees (where applicable)
        • Registration and Tuition fees
        • Book Allowance
        • Residence fees (where applicable)

        How To Apply

        Download Application Form

        Submit application form via email:

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