While transportation is the one that accelerate the growth of economy in a country, there are some accidents related with the transportation happened. The road accident can affect many people in the society right through when it is happened because the people cannot be separated with its usage of road. Therefore, to solve the problem about the effect of road accident, there is Road Accident Fund. What is it, then? It is the institution that handles the issue about road accident by giving insurance for the people in South Africa. The Road Accident Fund has been established to give the best service for people in South Africa and maintain the welfare of the people. For instance, if there is an accident that causes injury or even worse, if it causes death, then the institution will help the people or the families to get the social security. Aimed to keep establishing the stability over the people and the families who have suffered road accidents, the institution provides caring attitude towards these people. Road Accident Fund is built through an Act of Parliament, known as the Road Accident Fund Act in 1996. The institution has served people in South Africa and shares many stories with those people. This year, the institution invites the young people in South Africa to join the Road Accident Fund Learnership Vacancies and to socialize with the people. The learnership encourages you to contribute to the society by assisting them to secure their conditions after facing the sudden and unexpected situations.For those of you who want to see this LEARNERSHIPS and CAREERS, Click below

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