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Register for a Free Excel Course: Improve Your Computer Skills

Today, most of companies uses Microsoft programmes such as Excel to process data for administrative purposes. Knowing how to use excel can benefit you if you plan to work in an administrative field or working with a computer.

Here are some of the lessons you will get from this free course.

What is Excel?

How to open and close Excel and a basic overview of Spreadsheet software.
Topics covered in this module include:

• Introducing Microsoft Excel
• Starting Microsoft Excel
• Understanding spreadsheets
• Understanding the Excel window
• Understanding the workbook window
• Using the Ribbon
• Using the Quick Access Toolbar

Getting help on Microsoft Excel
• Exiting Microsoft Excel
• Exercise / Solutions
• Summary

What are Workbooks and Worksheets?

How they work and what they assist with.
Topics covered in this module include:

• Creating and Saving Workbooks
• Creating a new workbook
• Saving a workbook
• Auto-saving your work
• Closing a workbook
• Opening a workbook

Moving around a worksheet
• Entering text 5 Entering numbers
• Entering dates and times
• Using the Zoom tool
• Exercise / Solutions
• Summary

Changing the format of Worksheets by editing Fonts, Colours and other factors.
Topics covered in this module include:

• Formatting Worksheets
• Formatting with font and colour
• Formatting numbers
• Formatting dates and times
• Copying and pasting formatting
• Adjusting column widths and row heights
• Aligning cell contents
• Indenting and rotating cell contents
• Merging cells
• Adding borders, colour and shading
• Using styles
• Using document themes
• Exercise / Solutions
• Summary

These and many more are some of the essential components of excel and you will gain knowledge and skills by registering for this free course. Register for the free Excel course today. Space is limited. No books required, all the training will be offered online.

How to register

Register for the free Excel course today

Woodlands Dairy Learnership programme

Closing Date: 30 September 2017
Location: Humansdorp, Eastern Cape

Woodlands Dairy is offering a Dairy Learnership programme targeted at unemployed Matriculants. Applications are invited from interested youth who meet the minimum requirements and are interested in starting a career in dairy processing the learnership will cover the following areas: Nature of milk, Milk reception, Lab testing, CIP & COP.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Unemployed South African Youth between 18 – 23 years with Matric.
  • Applicants should NOT have previous work experience.
  • Duration

    A Learnership programme with theoretical and practical components is offered for a period of 12 months.

    How To Apply

    An Application letter accompanied by a CV, certified copies of Matric certificate/latest results and ID copy must be sent to the email address below or hand delivered at Woodlands Dairy HR Department. Email:

6 Reasons Why We have to Study English

6 Reasons Why We have to Study English

Why should I learn English?

While you are thinking where to study English and which course to take, you might also want to ask yourself: why should I learn English?

There are lots of good reasons to learn English, from the professional to the personal. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and more than 67 countries have English as their official or native language, more than any other language in the world

Register for a Free English Course


Learning English can really help you in your career and enhance your CV
Research suggests that on average, people who use languages in their jobs earn around 8% more
Over 1/3 of businesses want people specifically for their language skills
The international business community often uses English to communicate, and often requires employees to speak multiple languages

Register for a Free English Course


Building relationships with people – professionally or otherwise – is an invaluable skill
Although it is hard to estimate the exact numbers of English language speakers in the world, it is thought that about one billion people speak English as a first or second language, the joint-highest number of any language
55% of all websites are in English
The majority of electronic communication is in English – being able to read and write emails is a big advantage

Register for a Free English Course


If you want to study at university in countries like the US and the UK, you need to be proficient in English
The number of people learning English is expected to reach around 2 billion people over the next decade
There are several exams for intrnational students that measure English ability and are globally recognized


Learning a language can give you a great sense of personal achievement and fulfilment
Some of the world’s best music, films, and TV shows are in English. Understanding the language will give you a better appreciation of these cultural highlights
Speaking English will help you meet all kinds of people and make great friends


Learning English with Kaplan also means travelling to another country
Learning English abroad will help give you a better understanding of other cultures
The English you learn while abroad will help you to travel more easily.

Register for a Free English Course


Department of Labour Bursary Opportunity Available

The Department of Labour provides all students with equal opportunities. They provide bursary scholarships for all interested and suitable. For you to be considered for a bursary scholarship you must have a recent matric/grade12 certificate with an average of 60% pass in Mathematics and Physical Science or students currently in matric. Please note that pure Mathematics is required, not maths literature. You must also have recently registered with the University of Technology

The bursaries are aimed at students who are interested in the following engineering field: electrical engineering in heavy current, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering. Students who are interested in environmental health science are also welcome to apply. This opportunity is for students who are currently not on any bursary program. Students who are in a bursary program will not be considered for this opportunity.

Students are also afforded a Teaching Bursary opportunity by the Department of Labour for South African students and also foreign students. Foreign students who hold foreign qualifications are requested to be first evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) before applying for this bursary. For your application to be considered you must include the following: a covering letter stating the opportunity that you are interested in, your recent qualifications, your Identity Document, and your most recent curriculum vitae which includes all relevant information including qualifications.

All applications should be on a Z83 form and should be submitted toChief Director/ Human Resources Management/ Private Bag X117/ Pretoria 0001 or hand delivered physically at 215 Francis Baard Street, Pretoria, 0001. Please do not fax or email your application as it will not be considered. For more information or questions regarding the bursary scholarship program, please feel free to contact Mr Lucas Masango on (012) 309-4398.

Please make sure that you complete the Z83 application form in full before submitting. Make sure the form is dated and you have signed it before closing your envelope. Make sure you post your application as soon as possible if you will not be able to hand deliver it in Pretoria. Also make sure that your certified document are not older than 3 months or they won’t be older than 3 months when they reach the Department of Labour. The department is very strict when it comes to the certified documents.

People with disabilities are also encouraged to apply. If you did not hear from the department of Labour within 8 weeks of your application, please consider your application to be unsuccessful. If you are successful you will be contacted for further steps regarding the process. Please make sure your cellphone and email are working as they will communicate with you on one of them or both. Please don’t waste your time and money for applying if you know you don’t qualify. All qualifications and documents will be verified. Criminal and credit checks will be conducted. Please make sure you avail yourself whenever they request you to come to their offices regarding the process. It is advisable to be around or close to Pretoria.

Palabora Copper Learnership Programme 2018

Closing Date: 4 August 2017

This is an invitation to the Ba-Phalaborwa citizens to apply for a 15 month full time learnership programme in order to obtain a nationally recognized qualification


This programme will afford the successful candidates an opportunity to gain knowledge and practical exposure in the respective fields. Successful  candidates will enter into a learnership agreement with the Palaborwa Copper and the Mining Qualifications Authority. This is not a contract of employment and it does not guarantee a job at the end of the programme. It is a 100% a learning opportunity.

National Certificate: Mining Operation Underground Hard Rock x5
National Certificate: Mineral Processing x5
National Certificate: Metal Production x5
National Certificate: Rock Breaking Surface x5


  • Grade 12 with Maths, Physical Science and English (NB: Maths Literacy will not be accepted)
  • A valid driver’s licence (Applicable to NC: Mining Operations and NC: Mineral Processing)
  • In making the final selection, the following will be considered:

    Meeting all the above mentioned requirements
    Never been on MQA learnership programme before
    Currently unemployed
    Aged between 18 and 35
    No criminal record

    Submit your application by email or

  • Post: The training department, 2017 Non-Artisan Learnership, Palabora Copper, PO Box 65, Phalaborwa, 1390 (Write the name of the learnership applying for on the envelope / email subject).

    Correspondence will be limited to short listed candidates only

Eskom Bursary Scholarships

Closing Date: 31 July 2017

Therefore a number of Eskom bursary schemes are available to assist capable students to acquire good education which is essential for a better future.

Eskom bursary schemes offered are:-

Offered mainly based on business needs of the business, given to the following individuals:

  • Academic deserving students
  • South African citizen
  • After completion of studies, to work-back obligation equal to contract duration
  • Scholarship
    Offered exclusively to Eskom employees children / dependence based on the following:

    • Academic deserving students
    • Years of service by employee (minimum of 5years in service)
    • Fields Of Study


      • Civil Engineering
      • Electrical Engineering
      • Electronic Engineering
      • Environmental Sciences
      • Industrial Engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Accounting
      • Supply Chain
      • IT
      • Computer Engineering
      • Metallurgical Engineering
      • Chemical Engineering
      • Nuclear Engineering


      • Electrical Engineering
      • Industrial Engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Metallurgy
      • Safety and Risk
      • Environmental Science
      • Further Education & Training (FET)
        • Boiler Makers
        • Control & Instrumentation
        • Electricians
        • Fitters & Turners
        • Mechanical
        • Millwrights
        • Welders
        • Plumbers
        • Bricklayers
        • Carpenters
        • Power Plant Operators
        • Criteria

          Individuals legible to apply must meet the following requirements:-

          • Applicants must be South African citizens with a valid ID number
          • National Senior Certificate or equivalent
          • Written proof of acceptance for admission by higher education institution
          • Applicants must be for full time studies at an accredited South African institution
          • Applicants must be willing to undergo an interview and medical examination or health declaration
          • Students to study at the University
            Subjects Old Symbols New Symbols
            English HG (C) 5
            Physical Science HG (C) 5
            Mathematics HG (C) 5

            Students to study at the Technikons/University of technlology

          • Students to study at the Further Education and Training (FET)
            Subjects Old Symbols New Symbols
            English HG ( E ) SG (D) 3
            Physical Science HG ( E ) SG (D) 3
            Mathematics HG ( E ) SG (D) 3

            Applicants that are already at Higher institution:-

            The applicant must have passed all their registered subjects in that

          • Selection Process

            1. Applications should be submitted to Eskom by no later than 31 July each year, for the following academic year.
            2. Applications should preferably be submitted online by using this website. Applicants who do not have internet access can also post their application or hand-deliver them to the nearest Eskom offices.
            3. All applicants short listed to attend an interview will be notified. Notification is done telephonically as well as per written correspondence.
            4. Selection interviews normally take place during August to to October each year. Applicants will be required to attend an interview and sometimes a medical declaration/examination might be done.
            5. Final selection and award is subjected to a successful interview, satisfactory academic results and medical fitness.
            6. Applicants will be told of the outcome from/between October to December of that year. Please note that no correspondence will be entered into prior to this date.
            7. Successful candidates will then be provided with comprehensive documentation relating to the Eskom bursary scheme as well as a written contract and other documentation for completion to be returned back to Eskom.
            8. Bursary Package
              Full Eskom Bursary Scholarship
              Registration Fees  ✓  ✓
              Tuition Fees  ✓  ✓
              *Residence or Accommodation Fees  ✓  ✓
              Meals  ✓  ✓
              Book Allowance  ✓  ✓
              PC Allowance  ✓  ✖
              Vacation Allowance and

              = Provided
              ✖=Not Provided

              * = Amount payable is determined by Eskom

              Other information to take note of:-
              Applicants may not receive any other grant for the same qualification without prior written approval from Eskom

              1. Vacation work costs will be borne by the
              2. The bursary is for maximum of five (5) years where bridging is applicable
              3. Failure on bridging/first academic year, bursary will be cancelled without an obligation
              4. From 2nd academic year onwards, failure to progress to the next academic year, bursary to be suspended
              5. The bursary will be suspended for one year (university) or trimester (University of technology) if the student fails. The bursary will only be reinstated once, thereafter on failure again automatic cancellation is applied
              6. The bursary will have to be paid back on cancellation (full value and compound interest at prime rate)
              7. Bursaries are only granted for undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies bursaries are not granted unless there is a need and approval is received from the relevant business units Divisional Executives.
              8. How To Apply

                Download Eskom Bursary application form and emailed to

Production Technology Learnership Germiston

Location: Germiston

Production Technology Learnership

We are looking for 8 young, driven individuals to take in a Learnership Program at our facility in Germiston.

The duration of the Learnership is 12 months.


Standard Bank Learnership Programme

What is the qualifying criteria? The candidate  must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 – 30
  • Be able to speak, read and write English
  • Be computer literate
  • Not be permanently employed
  • Not be studying at any other institution
  • Not be registered on any other learnership
  • Anticipated start date of programme: 01 Oct 2017
  • Candidates will be required to complete relevant assessments
  • The following checks will be conducted:
    • Register for Employees Dismissed (RED) checks;
    • Credit and criminal record checks;
    • Reference checks with previous employers;
    • Verification of educational qualifications; and
    • Proof of South African citizenship/South African residency/work permit
  • How To Apply

    Credit Evaluations Graduate Learnership (Nationwide)

    • Have completed a 3-year BCom Accounting or / Economics or / Law or / Finance or / IT or / Analytics degree

    Apply Online for the Standard Bank Graduate Learnership Programme

    IT SAP Graduate Learnership (Gauteng)

    • Candidates are given an opportunity to work towards a formal qualification in SAP modules as well as exposure to SAP. Learner Allowance
    • Have completed a three year IT related qualification (preferably in software development)
    • Stipend: R10000 per month (taxed as per SARS tax tables)

    Apply Online for the Standard Bank SAP Graduate Learnership Programme

    Banker Graduate Learnership (Nationwide)

    • Have a 3 year completed Financial related qualification
    • Preferably completed and passed FAIS Re-examination

    Apply Online for the Standard Bank Graduate Learnership Programme

    Contact Centre Graduate Learnership (Nationwide)

    • Have completed 3 year Finance related qualification

     Apply Online for the Standard Bank Graduate Learnership Programme 

    Please note that if contact is not made with the applicant by end-August 2017, they may consider the application as unsuccessful.

    Closing Date: 30 July 2017

Sasol Firefighter Learnerships

Role Category:  Process Implementation
Location:  Sasolburg

  • Support and maintain operational and applicable legal requirements and processes in support of Emergency Management and Sasol’s strategic objectives.
  • To ensure timeous effective response to emergency incidents, on- and off site and thus ensuring the protection of Sasol and its employees and other property as per mutual aid agreements.
  • To ensure that fire and life equipment are inspected as per the SANS 1475  standard.
  • Ensure that emergency equipment and vehicles are always readily available.
  • To ensure station, vehicles and equipment cleanliness.
  •  Required outputs: Functional
    • Emergency response and mitigation activities are performed safely and effectively
    • Respond to all emergency call outs and requests
    • Support Emergency Management Operations strategy and operating model
    • Ensure site compliance to relevant legislative standards, practices and certification
    • Job Requirements
      Qualifications required:
      • Grade 12 (Must)
      • Medically fit for firefighting (incl. functional and capacity test/evaluation)
      • Basic life support qualification/BAA – Registered with H.P.C.S.A (advantage)
      • IFSAC International Fire Service accreditation congress – Firefighter 1 (advantage)
      • HAZMAT Awareness level (advantage)
      • Code C1 Drivers licence with PrDP (advantage)
      • General:
        • Excellent communication skills
        • Building partnerships and networking
        • Conflict Management
        • Applying relevant legislation, Company codes, standards and procedures
        • Mentally and physically fit
        • Be able to work shifts and do standby as required
        • Personal Attributes
          • Listening skills
          • Sense of urgency and able to work under pressure
          • Assertiveness / Decisiveness Cooperativeness
          • Self-discipline
          • Team Player
          • Professionalism
          • Strong customer centric orientation
          • Time management skills
          • Strong interpersonal skills

          How To Apply

        • Apply Online for the SASOL Firefighter Learnership Programme

          Closing date:  31 July 2017

Nursing Traineeships Kzn Health Department

Applications are invited for Nurse Training Programme for the year 2018.


  • Grade 12 (Std 10) Minimum 25 points
  • Symbol  HG  SG
    A 8 5
    B 7 4
    C 6 3
    D S 2
    E 4 1
    F 1 0
    • English: Minimum symbol E Higher grade or D Standard Grade
    • Biology or any other natural science subject E Higher Grade or D Standard Grade
      • National Senior Certificate: Degree/Diploma
      •  Minimum: 25 points
      •  English L4
      •  Additional language
      •  Life Orientation L4;
      •  Maths 13/Maths literacy.-L4;
      •  Life Sciences) Physical Science – L3
      •  And any other 2 subjects the designated list
      • NB Life orientation (LO) will not be scored

        The points will be calculated as follows:

      • NSC RATING NSC % PTS: KZNCN APS Adjusted %
        8 90% – 100%
        7 80%-100% 7 80%-89%
        6 70%-79% 6 70%-79%
        5 60%-69% 5 60%-69%
        4 50%-59% 4 50%-59%
        3 40%-49% 3 40%-49%
        2 30%-39% 2 30%-39%



        All Applications To Be Forwarded To The Relevant District Address As Follows And Marked For The Attention: Registrar Nurse


        • Application letter with contact details of applicant
        •  certified copies of educational certificates & ID) – not older than 3 months and not copies of certified copies
        •  2 page curriculum vitae
        • How To Apply

          1. UMgungundlovu & Harry Gwala District: (Grays Campus)


          THE REGISTRAR:


          PRIVATE BAG X9133



        • 2. EThekwini ILembe & UGu: (RC Khan , Addington & Port Shepstone Campus)




          Private Bag X 004



          3. Amajuba, UMzinyathi & UThukukela: (Charles Johnson Memorial Campus)

        • ADDRESS:

          THE REGISTRAR:


          PRIVATE BAG X 2019



          4. Uthungulu (King Cetshwayo): (NgweIezana Campus)

        • ADDRESS

          THE REGISTRAR:


          PRI VATE BAG X20034



        • 5. Zululand & UMkhanyakude: (Benedictine Campus)


          THE REGISTRAR:



          PRIVATE BAG X73



          PLEASE NOTE

        • All certificates and addresses will be verified for authenticity

          Due to the large number of applications expected only successful applicants will be notified.

          No registered mail will be accepted


          CLOSING DATE. 10 August 2017

        0% -29% 1 0% -29%